Get a payday loan without proof

It is perfectly possible to obtain a payday loan without justification but the bank’s response will be directly related to the need for financing on the one hand and the situation of the borrower on the other hand. However, know that under no circumstances this type of payday loan can not affect real estate.

Indeed, the mortgage is a payday loan whose object is defined in advance. This is called an assigned payday loan.

The subject of a payday loan without proof

The subject of a payday loan without proof

As a general rule, the demand relates to the field of consumer payday loans and can cover:

  • The realization of works
  • Buying a car
  • The purchase of furniture
  • Financing a trip
  • A contribution in current account

This type of financing covers all areas of consumer lending and in many cases it will be obtained without major difficulty provided that the debt ratio is correct, ie at least three times the amount of payday loans in progress. .

Unallocated payday loans

It is in this category of loan that the payday loan must be entered without proof. That is to say that we do not know in advance the allocation of funds. Which is not going to bother the banker especially. However, be aware that these payday loans have a limited scope in amount and duration.

You can not easily get 20,000 euros in unassigned payday loan or ask to repay over a period of 10 years. The amounts are limited and depend directly on your repayment capacity. The duration of these payday loans, meanwhile, does not generally exceed 5 years.

The danger of revolving loan

The revolving payday loan remains a special unallocated payday loan because it allows as and repayment to rebuild its reserve and therefore to recontract a new payday loan.


Even in times of crisis, payday loan without justification is fairly widely proposed by banking organizations, even if the latter have hardened their position. Avoid the trap of revolving payday loan and do not hesitate to compare the different offers. Who knows, maybe it’s time to change banks.